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Flashing Oppo R11- How to Flashing Oppo R11

How to Flashing Oppo R11


How to Flashing Oppo R11

How to Flashing Oppo R11
How to Flashing Oppo R11 - Oppo R11 pinned Snapdragon 660 Octa Core 2.2 GHz Processor, Adreno 512 GPU and 4GB RAM. Internal storage is large enough with 64GB capacity that can still be optimized via micro SD slot. Battery capacity is quite reliable with 2900 mAh coupled with VOOC flash Charge technology of course.

As always oppo alone always prepare Firmware which will always be given specifically to the loyal users. Thus the smartphone users who launched June 2017 is not to worry anymore if there are cases related software. Cases related to the software include:

Problems like the above are common cases such as on other android and usually will be resolved by flashing the oppo R11.
How to Flashing Oppo R11 Via SD Card
Steps to flash Oppo R11 via SD Card:

  1. Charge the battery until it is charged approximately 50% to be safe during the process. 
  2. Download Oppo R11 Firmware Download 
  3. Move the downloaded firmware file to SD Card. 
  4. Turn off the phone. 
  5. Enter Recovery mode by press and hold down Volume Down and Power button simultaneously until the phone vibrates or oppo logo appears and then release all the buttons. 
  6. Select the language for recovery menu, English only. 
  7. After successfully entering Oppo Recovery. 
  8. Select Wipe data and cache. 
  9. Select Yes-delete all user data, wait until complete. 
  10. Appears Wipe successfully Wipe data and cache successfull, select Yes. 
  11. Select Install from sd. 
  12. Select From SD, select the downloaded firmware file. but at the time the picture was taken still using version 013. 
  13. Warning appears Installation package, this operation can not be restored, select Yes. 
  14. Wait until the installation process to complete, appears Installation successful notification, select Reboot. 
  15. Oppo R11 will restart, wait until initial view after software update, select the arrow to right. 
  16. Select Language or Language. 
  17. Select Region or region where you live. 
  18. Wi-Fi settings if any, if no passes. 
  19. Account settings and account sync. 
  20. Privacy Settings. 
  21. Start using the phone. 
  22. Until the main menu display oppo R11, ready to use. 
  23.  Done.

So how to flash oppo R11 by using SD Card which is one step to overcome hp oppo R11 booth loop or other software problem. hopefully your oppo r11 is not booth loop. thank you