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Gaming Razer Smartphone

Specification of Gaming Razer Smartphone

Razer Smartphone

Good news for game lovers, This time a new gaming smartphone will soon be released. With a 5.7 inch bezel screen and nearly 64GB of internal memory. Razer will no doubt add customized black and green user interfaces. They intend to charge a premium for his smartphone. Just look at the size of RAM, it might be able to create a package that appeals to many people out there. Samsung S8 + has 6GB of RAM and Google Pixel 2 XL just launched with 4 GB. Razer released its gamer smartphone with 8 GB of RAM.

Gaming Razer Smartphone

Although Razer's efforts to enter the smartphone market are commendable, it will not be different from other smartphone companies out there. Razer will not build the Operating System from scratch, so obviously it has to rely on the Google platform. I guess it will not display a resolution of 2560 x 1440 because of the resolution. Mobile hardware Well, the bigger the bezel means the bigger footprint, this means the battery capacity should be bigger to combine it.

It is expected that this is the only Gaming Razer Smartphone capable of meeting the needs of game lovers who want to speed up their gaming.
However, the upcoming Razer phones will be much more adept at handling 3D games and also easy handling multi-tasking. Say no to a sluggish phone and a poor specification phone. Razer will never compromise his position as a gaming powerhouse, and we expect the same from his gaming smartphone.