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New Nokia OZO 360

New Nokia OZO 360
There’s virtual reality. And then there’s OZO Reality.

Nokia Ozo
It’s our commitment to delivering the highest quality virtual and mixed reality experiences possible.
Ones that look, sound, and feel as real as life itself.
OZO Creator software
Next-gen images with simply powerful post.
OZO Creator software seamlessly integrates your RAW footage with your post-production workflow and helps you, process, edit, stitch, and encode. May 2017 marks the release of the all-new, purpose-built OZO+ advanced image signal processing (ISP) which delivers next-generation image quality, as well as depth map export.

Bring the world together when history is made.
From sports to music to history-making events, nothing pulls the world together like a shared experience. OZO Live software provides live broadcasters with the power and reliability to transport audiences into these culture-making moments in real-time.

New Nokia OZO 360

Built for online video platforms. Make the most out of your delivery.
Built for online video platforms, content distribution networks, and over-the-top providers, OZO Deliver intelligently packages 360° video for network delivery with high resolution and advanced functionality. Meaning bandwidth usage dramatically decreases while ensuring an optimal viewer experience

OZO Player SDK
Develop awe-inspiring VR apps with ease.
OZO Player SDK allows app developers to easily integrate virtual and mixed reality playback across all major VR platforms and devices while supporting standard video formats and best-in-class OZO format extensions.

OZO Audio. Unlock the next dimension of sound.
OZO Audio is our advanced spatial audio technology enabling sound to be captured and played back naturally in 360°. Natively integrated into OZO+ and supported by OZO Player SDK, OZO Audio is perfect for smartphone, camera and other device manufacturers.