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Nokia 9 New Update 2018

Nokia 9 New Update 2018

The latest news is the rumor of the launch of Nokia 9 that we have ever heard exactly refer to the Nokia 8 which was earlier issued by the Nokia, for what? but that does not mean that Nokia 9 has closed its rumor plan. Year of ago Nokia will introduce its latest product about Nokia 9 that has been anticipated many loyal fans.

As a follow up on the actual Nokia 9, representatives for HMD Global have now hinted that Nokia 9 phones are on the way, and the screen will be bigger "to meet all the needs of the users completely."

We do not know when we will see the Nokia 9, but the rumored specifications will be in accordance with other flagship flags 2017, so it can land before the end of the year.
Many sources say that the screen on the Nokia 9 will be a 5.5 inch QHD screen. QHD usually means 1440 x 2560 and this is the default default screen resolution, although some phones, such as the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, are now pushing it on top of that. 5.5 inches is a pretty typical size too - and not a small screen but also not a phone tablet.

Nokia 9 New Update 2018

It is possible that the use of OLED on Nokia 9 is probably the most interesting aspect. This is a display technology used by Samsung on many phones, but Nokia does not exactly imitate Samsung, even Nokia even gives new inofasi on nokia screen 9.

This will tend to provide a livelier but potentially less natural color than the LCD screen, but it will be nicer and could soon be a top choice amongst the flagship manufacturers, with Apple also rumored to be using it on future handsets.

However, Nokia 8 stuck with the LCD, and only slightly smaller at 5.3 inches, so for Nokia 9 to stand out from the Nokia 8.