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Oppo R11 Boot loop

Oppo R11 Boot loop

Boot loop is a situation where your android system can not boot or start up so it can not access the main menu.
The cause of Boot loop  Each Oppo R11 has a different resistance system, there are strong and some are vulnerable to boot loop. boot loop caused due to system failure, due after the rooting process you make a mistake. The error can be various, for example: change FONT HH with font or unsuitable FONT change app, change boot animation, change file system like system UI - Launcher - Framework - Edit Permission - Edit Build.prop dll. How to Understand Boot loop Understanding and the cause? just go to tutorial how to fix boot loop,
This time I will fix the oppo R11 hh the boot loop by using flash sp tool.

Prepare the Materials first:
  1. Download Stock ROM Oppo R11 PASSWORD RAR :
  2. Download Full Driver chip MTK 65xx(6572, 6577, 6582, 6589..)
  3. Download SP Flash tools V3
If it's been downloaded All the material goes on to the next step for the software.
Please Notice the Existing Way is drawn.
1. Install all the downloaded drivers and extract RAR.
2. Open the SP FLASH TOOL V3 Program.
 3. Select Click Scarter-loading

 4. Then Search Folder STOCK ROM that has been extracted and select MT65xx_Android_scatter.txt

 5. Slect click Download

6. Open your Oppo R11and Plug the USB Cable in your Android then plug it into your computer / laptop
7. If sdah wait wait until vibrating vibrate then HOLD POWER + VOLUME UP IN WITHOUT.

8.The process will run as shown below.
9.Wait Up To 100% Up Download OK as shown below.
If the above stage has been done Please Put another battarei oppo R11 and then turn on your R11 oppo. Guaranteed gk will boot loop again. already understand Solution Fix Bootloop On Oppo R11? If Not yet Please find another way!

NB: - Open Battarei oppo R11 if you want to pass this way.
       - Install DRIVER if not this way can not run, How to install drivers more easily Windows XP compared Windows 7.
         - All Brands Can Be Fixed in this way but only different STOCK ROM according to your Oppo R11 type.