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Game for Oppo F5 Selfie Expert

Game for Oppo F5 Selfie Expert

OPPO has established strategic partnership with Mobile MOBA Arena of Valor (AOV) game since last September.

Oppo F5

At the beginning of the cooperation OPPO and AOV provide an opportunity to obtain skin sharpshooter for hero violet for consumers who purchase OPO F3 device, Game for Oppo F5 Selfie Expert

Do not stop there, the strategic cooperation of OPPO and AOV is back in the final Battle Of Valor (BOV) which took place in Jakarta in mid-October ago by distributing OPO F3 device to the visitors.

Now, OPPO and AOV are starting a new round of strategic cooperation by collaborating on OPPO F5's newest device.

"OPPO and AOV are now working together to realize the best Mobile Moba gaming experience on F5 devices, our engineers work with AOV developers to make F5 run this game with better graphics and higher frame rates, this will give different impressions to the gamers when playing AOV on F5, "said Alinna Wenxin, Marketing Director of OPPO

In this strategic partnership, OPPO and AOV are equally doing F5 device optimization to be able to run these games better.

If the player activates High Frame Rates Mode in AOV game settings and runs the Game Acceleration feature which is one of the features of OPPO F5, it will get frame rate game above 30 fps with maximum frame rate of 60 fps.

High graphics in the game AOV also presented thanks to Arm MP G71 MP2 GPU capable of presenting the best visuals carried by OPPO F5.

Game for Oppo F5 Selfie Expert

"AOV and OPPO are always committed to improving the quality of the playing experience for our users. This latest OPPO product has been optimized for AOV game so that user can use high frame rate mode in AOV with OPPO F5 device.

OPPO F5 will be introduced in Indonesia on 13 November 2017, this device carrying 6-inch screen with 18: 9 screen ratio Full HD + resolution which is very comfortable when used for playing games.

In addition to the game experience more comfortable with the presence of dimensions of 14.6 x 7.6 mm device and also the weight of the device is only 152 grams. 

The presence of the latest Color OS version 3.2 has many features to support gaming and also large RAM capacity helps F5 run the game seamlessly. 

Although including the device in the ranks of Self Expert but the specifications presented OPPO and strategic cooperation with AOV proves that F5 can also be a device that has high capabilities to be used to play the game.