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How to care for iPhone 12

How to care for iPhone 12

The iPhone is a flagship cellphone in the world whose price can be said to be very expensive. because the price is expensive, of course, the iPhone 12 itself provides satisfaction to customers by providing the best iPhone specifications.

iPhone in addition to having good specifications and expensive prices, of course, we as users certainly want to do our best to take care of our iPhone 12.

Extra careful care is needed so that your iPhone 12 Pro Max phone lasts. Here we provide iPhone 12 care tips to make it more durable.

1. Protect iPhone 12 Body with Case and Screen Protector

The first tip so that your iPhone 12 lasts is to use a case and screen protector to protect the iPhone 12 body. This case protects your iPhone from various impacts, especially when dropped or hit by hard objects. The same goes for screen protectors.

Tempered glass or screen protector reduces the risk of the screen breaking or cracking when dropped. Therefore, store your iPhone in a really safe place so that it doesn't fall off easily.

So, to be more secure, you can use a protective case that is thick and tightly wrapped around your favorite handset

2. Use the Original Battery Charger of iPhone 12

There are many reasons why iPhone users are advised to use an original charger or charger. This is to avoid a short circuit and keep the battery and iPhone components durable.

Dumb chargers usually don't have the right current count for your device. Also avoid charging using low resources such as a power bank or USB charger port.

3. Don't Use iPhone 12 While It's Charging

Operating the cellphone while it is charging is prone to short circuits. In addition, charging while doing online gaming activities that are quite heavy can burden the performance of your iPhone 12 battery.

Excessive battery performance can cause the battery to overheat, resulting in a decrease in the quality of iPhone components. The long-term impact is to make the battery quickly damaged due to a drop in power.

Therefore, turn off the cellphone while charging so that your iPhone battery lasts longer.